When I took modafinil 15 or 20 years ago, it made me itch terribly. More recently when I took it, that wasn't an issue but greatly increased problems with my chronic phlegm issue. Also, it focuses me, but not necessarily on what I need to be focused on! I concluded that it's not for me.

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You're correct that modafinil does have a history of generally safe clinical use. That said, you should include reports of harmful skin reactions such as Stevens-Johnson syndrome. They were the reason why modafinil was not approved by the FDA for ADHD. More recently, harmful skin reactions were part of why the European Medicines Agency restricted modafinil's approved uses.

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Now I wish I could recommend esmodafinil to my insomniac brother who does gig work on sets, sounds like the perfect solution.

FYI, the SSC link in footnote 2 is messed up and prefixed with "xn--https-hw3b". Looks like it's from an errant smartquote in a markdown link:


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